Internet marketing

Intelligent information is available at our finger tips thus making human contact redundant by the day. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are playing a stellar role in dispensing information to the common man according to their needs and preferences. Most of the Business owners and service seekers demand tailor made solutions and instant results. In this backdrop, your website has to be in the most optimized state from a search engine’s angle.

The marketing strategy has taken a completely new meaning with the evolution of Internet economy and with search engine’s dictating the flow of web traffic. Brands are made after and destroyed in a flash because of one wrong foot. Internet marketing strategy is one of the most important factors in the strategic planning of a corporation.

Virtual Marketing’s internet marketing team is well versed in the language and nuances of Search Engine marketing and advertising tactics – We identify the opportunities and eliminate the weak links to help you establish a leader in your domain. InowWeb is a specialized service provider for a sustainable and result based search marketing solutions by –

  • Creating a visibility and online reputation for your business
  • Channelize traffic to your site
  • Identification and categorization of potential customers and partners
  • Understand the customer psychology and consumption pattern

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the foundation for a long term Internet marketing strategy. We perceive SEO as a natural evolution for a well constructed website. A good SEO strategy blends the technical aspect (on-page optimization) and the human aspect (off-page optimization) or the social aspect in a balanced manner.

In the realm of search engine’s, there is a very thin line between a good ranking and a spam. The last quarter has seen the search engine’s adopt a zero tolerance policy towards any overdone activity on the part of the site owners – A spam flag is just round the corner if the SEO team is not experienced with the SEO nuances.

Virtual Marketing approaches your website with an intention to –

  • Understand the direction and objective of your business and pin down the target areas from a marketing angle
  • visualize your site from a customer’s angle in order to reconstruct the content as the market needs it
  • Analyze the current position in the search engine rankings.
  • Understand the social positioning of of the site – Link status & competitor analysis

What we offer..

We offer what we have delivered to others like you and what we have practiced. We design your website
within the guidelines of Search Engine Optimization.

  • We preserve the existing foundation and credibility of your website
  • Preserve the existing reference (incoming links) to your website
  • Enhance the internal page linking so that all the important pages are highly ranked
  • Judiciously submit your website to the most trustworthy search engines and directories.
  • We utilize the principles of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) which Google adheres to, in constructing your content
  • We will build your Social reference system brick by brick so that over time, your site has built a solid reputation in its domain
  • We provide knowledge transfer sessions to your site administrators so that you can independently handle small SEO issues and routine maintenance work in-house.


SEO has become synonymous with higher traffic, sales and conversion and a better growth. Every business
entity on the web has a budget allocated for the site optimization The most obvious benefits visible are..

  • Your site starts getting recognized for a particular business them and for a set of targeted keywords
  • From a state of anonymity, your website achieves a level of respectability which was not possible without SEO
  • A higher visibility means a higher traffic – which ultimately transforms to a better business prospect
  • SEO is a long term investment and many times the results of a good SEO effort get better with age – just like an aged wine
  • Your website take a lesser time to upload and the server downtime is also reduced if the SEO was done in the right way
  • Visitor stickiness increases on the website since the redundant features of the site are removed
  • A good SEO strategy will ensure a greater conversion for your storefront

Virtual Marketing offers a unique ’100% money back’ guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search Engines are considered to be the play-makers in the Internet advertising and marketing space. Every business formulates a long term and a short term strategy for the growth of its business. A balanced approach to Internet marketing is comprised of a Long Term Strategy (SEO) and a Short Term Strategy (SEM).

Search Engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per click) does not have a maturity period like SEO but, rather yields instant results. The complete marketing mechanism is dependent upon a customers interaction with the advertisement on search engines. The Business owners pay the Search Engines based on the number of visitors – that they get to their site through the clicks on the ads.

Virtual Marketing helps you create the most effective and budget conscious PPC campaign in order to get the maximum mileage out of your buck. The core of a great PPC strategy is the selection of right keywords which would target the right customers and which are not priced high also. PPC is a time tested mechanism for generating targeted leads – which translates to a greater conversion rate – taking your company to a higher stage of growth..

What we Offer…

Virtual Marketing is the most trusted solution provider for custom PPC campaigns. We offer a fail proof marketing
strategy that fits business of all sizes and skin..

  • Virtual Marketing specializes in PPC campaigns for major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • The core of our PPC process is an exhaustive Keyword research process – a process that yields targeted keywords aligned to your product and service and that which is not highly priced too
  • Creating targeted Ads that are suitable for a particular demography
  • Conceptualizing Ads that are suitable for a particular location – This needs an understanding of the culture and values of that location. So if you are running a global campaign, it makes marketing sense to have different ads for different location
  • We also help you in optimizing your Landing Page with respect to the keywords being targeted
  • We design your ads in a way so that it maximizes your CTR (Click through Rate)
  • Quality score is one of the most important factors for a higher CTR – We help in maximizing your Quality score so that the CTR is also maximized
  • Management of all the bids under one umbrella – by qualified Adwords professionals of iNowWeb
  • End-to-End PPC campaign management so that the client can focus on other areas of business growth
  • We perform frequent ROI analysis for our clients so that they are able to spend their dollars in the most profitable manner.

Virtual Marketing offers a unique ‘100% money back guarantee’ if you are not satisfied with the results of the PPC campaign.


PPC has revolutionized the way advertising is executed – with all the real time customer and AD data available to you. It is characterized by the targeted distribution of your Ads and the accurate data related to the number of eye balls your AD is getting. This is incomprehensible in a traditional advertising and marketing scenario.

As you can measure every aspect of customer behavior while they are clicking your AD or when they have landed on your sales page, it is easier to perform a market analysis and take the next best fact based decision. Today’s market conditions are extremely challenging where every minute demands complete alertness and a proactive management – This is only possible when you have up-to-the-last-minute data about your marketing expense and the incoming revenue. A standard PPC campaign will ensure that all your money is being used wisely.

Social Media Marketing

The fact is that our websites reside in the social space of web – and all the rules of civics applies to our website too. It is imperative that our website is perceived as a contributor of some value for the web citizens. Social media marketing is umbrella term for all activities which enhance the popularity and interaction of your site with other sites and within the various social networks in the web space.

Social media can relates to any any type of media which is user generated and it is consumed and distributed by the users in turn. Some popular social media tools are – RSS feeds, Bookmarking, Blogging, Video sharing, Photo sharing, article contribution, press release etc..

What do we get out of Social Media Platforms?

Social Media platforms like FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn provides your business with a launching pad to start a conversation within the potential customers. Thus, the key to SMM is the conversation which is initiated within the members of the social network – These self sustaining conversations become a catalyst for viral marketing.

The pundits of web strategy have coined another term for websites which are highly optimized from a social
angle – Social media Optimization (SMO). Well, SMO is the process behind a good Social media marketing
strategy. This can include anything –

  • Bookmarking of the most compelling contents of your website
  • Extremely interesting viral videos for YouTube and other Video sharing sites
  • Submitting eye-catching slides on Slide Share
  • Creation of SQUIDOO lenses
  • Exchanging Blog links for Blog Rolls

What we Offer..

Virtual Marketing understands the changing nature of Web and its guidelines of acceptable content. We know that  every product or service is unique and it takes completely unique approach for marketing it on the socialnetworks. We help you by..

  • Creating viral content for different social networks – Youtube, Flickr, Article Submission sites, Slide Share etc.
  • Building custom applications and widgets for Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc.
  • Create perfect strategy for Blog marketing, RSS marketing and widget marketing
  • Participate in relevant forum discussions and Q & A groups
  • Create and submit Podcasts to different Podcast directories

Link Building

A Link Building campaign refers to all the activities performed to get ‘vote of approval’ from other sites in the web. This vote of approval is reflected by the presence of incoming links to a site. Its a thumb rule of Search Engine ranking process that – more the number of incoming links, the higher the popularity of a website – which in turn means a better visibility and ranking.

Any Search Engine expert will tell you the importance of a good link building campaign, but they will also vouch that it is the trickiest piece of a seo process. The quality of links is also very important and the quality is indicated by the PR (Page rank) of a page. The higher the Page rank for an inbound link page, the higher the ‘vote of approval’ for your site.

What we offer..

Search engine ranking process has evolved a whole since its initial days and above all, the process keeps changing because of the changing Search Engine atmosphere. A successful ‘Link Building Campaign’ is achieved by both the quality & quantity of inbound links. But, is this all to link building? No, we take care of all other aspects which make a difference to the page standings..

  • We analyze all the relevant and like minded sites which can be a potential link partner with your site
  • Not every page is worthy of providing you the vote of approval – We identify the most relevant and contextual page which can provide you with a valuable link reference
  • Anchor texts (Hyperlinked text) are one of the most important factors of incoming links. We help you in creating the most appropriate anchor texts for your pages
  • Even the words surrounding the Anchor text play an important role in establishing a contextual relevance of the inbound links – iNowWeb has an experienced link building team to accomplish the most contextual link campaign for your site
  • iNowWeb has a proven methodology and process for 1-way, reciprocal and 3-way link acquisition
  • We utilize all the social marketing methods for accomplishing link building objectives – Directory submissions, Guest Blog writing, Forum submissions, Content Syndication, Press Release and any other form of social contribution.
  • LinkBaiting is a key tool in the link building strategy – we practice all the tricks for an ethical link bait strategy


The most obvious benefits of a Link Building Strategy are..

  • The search engine rankings for all your major pages and keywords get a big boost by the effective execution of a Link Building campaign
  • As your rankings go up, Search engine traffic goes up. In addition to that traffic from the referring sites also see big upward movement
  • As the the number of incoming links increases, so does the frequency of indexing for your pages – This means a greater value for your most current content

Link building is one of the most important weapons for the SEO analysts but it has to be handled with a lot of discretion and with a good understanding of the domain.

Content Marketing

Content is the at core of a site’s marketing strategy. Content is at center of all the site related action – Sales, conversion, conversation, Ad revenue, Search Engine rankings and most important of all – traffic. But, are we talking about the site content for content marketing purposes?

Content marketing is also called Syndication marketing – because we let the consumer subscribe to our contents if they are interested and not push that in their face. The following contents can be utilized for marketing purposes ..

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Slides / Presentations
  • White Papers
  • Podcasts (Audio / Video)
  • Press Release
  • Blogs
  • RSS feeds

These content formats utilize the most appropriate channel of distribution from where the viewers can consume them at their will. Every format in the above list has its own advantages and disadvantages iNowWeb has the expertise and experience to plan your content marketing campaign. It has an in-depth understanding of the nuances and drawbacks of each type of content – and which content is suited for what type of site and industry.

Why do you need Content Marketing?

Content reflects knowledge and knowledge is equal to expertise. Every buyer wants to be in good hands and seeks the most knowledgeable service provider. The content distributed through the different content channels represents the voice of your business and is basically a subtle form of advertisement – so if the content is compelling and serves a common cause, then you have got some very sincere listeners who are going to check out your business.

The traffic from the content marketing effort is more targeted and the conversion rate is much more because – your content has already tickled their curiosity and if you have a smart product or service, the sale is as good as through.

Reputation Management

Any business is always preceded by its reputation. That holds true for any business environment – offline or online. There is no denying the fact that business is cut-throat and this is compounded by the presence of unscrupulous competitors, ex-employees who feel left out and dissatisfied customers.

Since Internet is a democratic platform, the freedom of expression takes on a totally different meaning and it becomes a free for all warfare of words. The result is a dent in reputation and this particularly hurts if you have persevered to be ethical and give your best both as an individual and as a company.

What is SERM?

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is a collective process of protecting the protecting the image of a brand, company or individual. Many times this involves a counter-attack on the source responsible for the damage. Every traffic intensive social network is utilized for the damage control effort. This might include – writing new Blogs from company heads, flurry of new articles, new Press releases etc.

Some of the most common defamation sites where anybody can vent their negative feelings are –


How we do it?

One thumb rule for our SERM campaign is ‘ Do not react with a counter attack’.

  • Any counter attack almost places you in the same court as the maligning party
  • Since any defamatory content always appears in Search engine results, we utilize all the tools to push down the negative results
  • This means, doing aggressive seo for positive contents about the individual / company
  • We start channels of conversation on all the social network – These conversations are intended to create brand ambassadors by letting the participants judge for themselves. This often corners an individual or a group who are trying to malign your image

We encourage a company decision maker to create a blog and establish conversation with the common man. This brings a lot of credibility and transparency in the workings of the company.


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